Cookies and Cakes for Any Occasion
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Cookies and cakes for any occasion baked in a completely NUT FREE environment.

Photo Cookies

Cookies are individually wrapped in a clear bag and tied with a satin ribbon color of your choice. Each cookie is approximately 3 inches x 4 inches, completely edible, totally delicious!

Photo Cakes

Display your favorite photo ont top of one of our cakes for your special occasion and make it a fun event!

Free Form Cakes

Free form cakes are designed with your intentions in mind. We can create amazing free form cakes.

Nut Free Zone

Peanut allergies are on the rise in the USA and people prone to this type of allergy are often sensitive and reactions are frequently severe. Treatment only address the symptoms of an allergic reaction, the only prevention is a strict avoidance of peanut ingredients. I offer no cure nor do I give advice but I do have a PEANUT FREE kitchen/studio. The studio is all nut free, including tree nut free.

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Phone: (212) 629-5512